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The Concept Usually, I start with a Title Judgement Call I want to make an ambiguous piece of work, a painting that asks questions rather than seek answers. The story is portraying a mob mentality already hell bent to being judge and jury and taking matters into their own hands attempting the execution of an Innocent ,so to speak. But Society has a moral conscience and is no longer lying down ,in fact the opposite is about to take place where people are going to fight back at any cost.The actions are met with fierce resistance and a melee ensues, the outcome isn’t clear and

Under the supervision and guidance of Museum Curator Eamonn MacEneaney. I had the great pleasure to Exhibit my work in The Museum of Treasures, one of three Museums in the Viking Triangle situated in the heart of Irelands oldest City in 2019.I displayed many local scenes of the City and County. I also showed my recent story telling Figurative scenes of Venice, Rome, Havana and Nevada . These thought evoking paintings surrounded a large centre piece titled,Arrested in the Garden. Such an ancient and atmospheric space to hold an Exhibition, it really adds a sense of depth to the artwork. I

Art Critic: Timothy Warrington Ken O’Neill’s artistic journey has always been in continuous evolution and his art conveys the presence of a creative mind with the gift of direction. A talented contemporary artist albeit with more conceptual ties to a renaissance artist than many of his peers and a communicator of stories reminiscent of the unmistakable protagonists in our art history who exalted the written word for centuries. O’Neill’s painting is indeed a refreshing reminder of what art is and what art ought to be as we are eloquently re-introduced to the notion that art must speak and have a voice. In