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A Refreshing Reminder Of What Art Is

Ken O'Neill Art

Welcome to Ken O’Neill Art.

Born in the Viking City of Waterford, Ireland’s oldest City. Ken’s Artistic career began in 1997. Since then, Ken Has Exhibited in Many Major Cities including, London, New York, Rome and the Bienalle Venice.

Ken O’Neill’s artistic journey has always been in continuous evolution and his art conveys the presence of a creative mind with the gift of direction. A talented contemporary artist albeit with more conceptual ties to a renaissance artist than many of his peers and a communicator of stories reminiscent of the unmistakable protagonists in our art history who exalted the written word for centuries.

O’Neill’s painting is indeed a refreshing reminder of what art is and what art ought to be as we are eloquently re-introduced to the notion that art must speak and have a voice. In his compositions we are energised and rejuvenated by the unequivocal power to project imagination and to capture emotion in its purest form.

The simplicity of the graceful lines and forms within the composi-tion create a sense of intrigue that provokes the spectator into reacting with curiosity and urgency although faced with a seemingly peaceful artwork. The result is a conceptual paradox where mind and heart are inexplicably in unison.

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Ken O’Neill is a rare artist who shows no fear in investigating the human mind and feelings; a journey in which the artist is able to express himself, albeit retaining intellectual integrity, in his desire to stimulate the spectator to form ideas and imagine.

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Waterford Museum of Treasures.

“These thought evoking paintings surrounded a large centre piece titled,Arrested in the Garden. Such an ancient and atmospheric space to hold an Exhibition, it really adds a sense of depth to the artwork.”

History of Ken O'Neill


2000 - 2024
2000 - 2024

National & International

2002 The Granary Treasures, Waterford (Solo)
2003 - 2007 SoloArte, Waterford
2004 - 2007 Private Collector Gallery, Innishannon Co. Cork
2004 Private Collector Gallery, New York
2005 Goastguard Cultural Centre, Tramore, Co. Waterford (Solo)
2005 Private Collector Gallery, New York
2005 - 2007 Private Collector Gallery, Innishannon, Co. Cork (Solo)
2005- Art Studio, Waterford (Solo)
2009 - Jones Gallery, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford (Solo)
2009- Private Collector Gallery, Cork (solo)
2009- The Lee Gallery , Cork
2009- The Leinster Gallery, Dublin
2010- Bloomsday Exhibition, Blackrock, Dublin
2010- The Bad Art Gallery, Dublin
2010- The Sanford Gallery, Dublin
2010- Chianciano Art Museum, London
2011- Bloomsday Exhibition, Blackrock, Dublin
2011-Private Collector Gallery, Cork
2011- The Gagliardi Gallery, London
2011- Hermione Exhibition, Alexandra College, Dublin
2012- The Bricklane Gallery, London
2013- The Denis Collins Gallery, Wexford
2014- Aoife's Gallery, Waterford
2016- La Vaccarella Gallery, Rome
2017- Dormus Gallery, Rome
2018- Dormus Gallery, Rome
2019- Galleria Loretta Larkina, Venice, Italy
2022- Coastguard Cultural Centre, Tramore
2023- The Gallery Kinsale, Cork
2024- The Art Gallery, Rome, Italy
2010 - Current
2010 - Current
National & Europe


2010 Private Collector Gallery, Innishannon, Co. Cork (Solo)
2010 Blackrock College, Blackrock, Co. Dublin
2010 Bad Art Gallery, Dublin
2010 Sandford Gallery Christmas Exhibition, Dublin
2011 Private Collector Gallery, Innishannon, Co. Cork (Solo)
2011 Bloomsday Exhibition, Blackrock College, Blackrock, Co. Dublin
2011 Hermione Exhibition, Alexandra College, Dublin
2012 Bricklane Gallery, London
2014 Aoife's Gallery, Waterford (Solo)
2016 La Vaccarella Gallery, Rome, Italy (Solo)
2017 Domus Romana Gallery, Rome, Italy (Solo)
2018 Domus Romana Gallery, Rome, Italy (Solo)
2019 Galleria Loretta Larkina, Venice, Italy (Solo)
2022 Coastguard Cultural Centre (solo)
2023 The Gallery Kinsale (solo)
2024 The Art gallery Rome, Rome, Italy (solo)
1990 - 1999
1990 - 1999

Local & National

1990 - 1992 The Pill Gallery, Waterford
1995 - River Gallery, Waterford (Solo)
1995 - River Gallery, Waterford
1995 - American Embassy Exhibition themed 'PEACE' in association with Waterford City Council
1996 - 1997 Waterford City Design Centre
1997 - 1998 Waterford Crystal Visitors Centre
1999 - 2001 Waldock Gallery, Dublin
1999 - Waterford City Design Centre (Solo)

Ken O’Neill. Canvases create life. His characters walk the walk and in glance and gesture talk. His brush strokes sweep you into a continuing art story.

Liam Murphy
Art Critic

I would highly rate Ken O'Neill as an artist. His professionalism and unique style is faultless. In a highly competitive art world he is a breath of fresh air and whether he is painting people or places his natural talent shines through.

Cllr Seamus Ryan
Mayor Metropolitan District of Waterford