Matt Keane Interview

Matt Keane meets … Ken O’Neill: a design on success

“ALL men are equal on the turf – and under it,” a philosopher once said. Whilst aspects of the latter part of the epithet are unarguable, I have always viewed the basic concept with misgivings. No so with Ken O’Neill.

His perceptive, penetrative and sometimes savage and spellbinding paintings are composed and crafted without fear or favour. Happily his reaction to his work is ultimately benign.

In fact Ken, an archetypal modern artist is so erudite, worldly-wise and socially aware he could easily switch comfortably to a career in diplomacy if he so wished.

The Waterford-born artist is very Bajan in character, yet he can withdraw in character into introspective silence when is developing an idea or indeed working on one of his much acclaimed pieces.

A keen observer of humanity, and self-effacing in success, Ken O’Neill is without doubt one of Ireland’s most acclaimed craftsmen when it comes to creating beauty on the canvas he has cherished for the past 20 years…