Critique: Chianciano Art Museum

Art Critic: Timothy Warrington

Ken O’Neill’s artistic journey has always been in continuous evolution and his art conveys the presence of a creative mind with the gift of direction. A talented contemporary artist albeit with more conceptual ties to a renaissance artist than many of his peers and a communicator of stories reminiscent of the unmistakable protagonists in our art history who exalted the written word for centuries.

O’Neill’s painting is indeed a refreshing reminder of what art is and what art ought to be as we are eloquently re-introduced to the notion that art must speak and have a voice. In his compositions we are energised and rejuvenated by the unequivocal power to project imagination and to capture emotion in its purest form. O’Neill’s medium of choice is oil on canvas and the style can be defined as Pop Art. The artist uses precise and delicate brushwork combined with a gentle colour pallette to entice and attract the viewer. The simplicity of the graceful lines and forms within the composi-tion create a sense of intrigue that provokes the spectator into reacting with curiosity and urgency although faced with a seemingly peaceful artwork. The result is a conceptual paradox where mind and heart are inexplicably in unison, seeking truth from an unexpectedly powerful artwork that simultaneously calls for attention but radiates more questions than conclusions. It soon becomes clear that the creator of such a wonderful manifestation of a profound mind is also gifted with clear creative vision and the artistic talent to to execute it. Continue reading…

Matt Keane Interview

Matt Keane meets … Ken O’Neill: a design on success

“ALL men are equal on the turf – and under it,” a philosopher once said. Whilst aspects of the latter part of the epithet are unarguable, I have always viewed the basic concept with misgivings. No so with Ken O’Neill.

His perceptive, penetrative and sometimes savage and spellbinding paintings are composed and crafted without fear or favour. Happily his reaction to his work is ultimately benign.

In fact Ken, an archetypal modern artist is so erudite, worldly-wise and socially aware he could easily switch comfortably to a career in diplomacy if he so wished. Continue reading…